Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Doing the "Countertop Shuffle" :)

I finally figured out how to keep our granite counter top from getting water-stained (or at least minimize the stains)--whenever I use cleanser or liquid dish detergent, I put the cleanser box or the detergent bottle down in a different place.  This gives the counter top a chance to dry.  (I keep the cleanser box in an ink-free plastic bag to prevent the metal bottom from leaving a mark.)  Also, when buying a cutting board or a dish drainer tray (or whatever one calls the thing that one puts under a dish drainer), I try to buy one with "feet" or other structures that hold most of the object above the counter top and allow air to flow underneath.  I recommend the "shuffle" and the air-dry procedure to anyone who has a granite counter top.


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